Bi-weekly Breastfeeding support group

 Come meet new parents and babies in a home  like atmosphere every other Tuesday.  See dates below

Scale will be available.  From time to time guest speakers.  Light refreshments and snacks.   

Parking information:  On side of building, near pool spot 161 & 162 may be used.  Also at top of that same parking lot is visitor parking.  If no spots available in those locations, park on Central Ave next to building (metered, will need quarters)  

Address 632 Palmer Road #3n (first floor) Yonkers, NY 10701 (1 mile from Bronxville train station)  

April  7 ,  2020  10:30-12pm

April  28,  2020  10:30-12pm

May  12,  2020  10:30-12pm